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wildmind's iphone appWildmind is one of the internet’s leading meditation resources.

Our app brings you thoughtful, entertaining, and provocative articles on Buddhist meditation practice; news from around the world on meditation and how it’s being applied in medicine, education, etc.; as well as book reviews.

Please check the FAQ below for any known issues, and use the comments form below to ask questions or to report bugs.


Where can I download your app?

You can download the app from the iTunes store by clicking here.

Do you have an iPad app?

At present our app is designed for the iPhone. It works on an iPad, and can be enlarged to fill the screen by tapping the x2 button. An iPad app will follow in the future.

Do you have an Android or Windows Mobile version?

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to develop apps for other platforms at present. All the work for the iPhone version of our app was donated. If you’re an app developer and would like to donate time to help us develop an Android or Windows version of our app, please let us know.

Why do some links open in the app and some in mobile Safari?

This is because of Apple’s policies, which we are obliged to follow. Since our book review articles and articles on practice may include links to books, MP3s, etc., all links in those articles must (according to Apple’s policy) open in Safari rather than in the app. Our news articles don’t tend to include such links, and are simply extracts with a link to the full article. Rather than have every news link open in Safari, which would result in a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, we opted to have those links open within the app itself.

How can I share articles from the app?

The ability to forward articles, post them to social networks, etc., will be added to a future version.

Why can I only see the 10 most recent articles in each category on the app?

By default, only the most recent articles are available on our app. If you want to browse our archive, visit our blog.

Can I learn to meditate using your app?

We’re keeping this app clean and simple, so it’s focused just on the articles that appear in our blog. We do plan to release future apps that will teach you to meditate, step-by-step. You can also learn meditation on our website, where we have structured guides to several meditation practices.

What if I have a question that’s not addressed here?

We’d love to hear from you! Please use the comments form below to ask questions or to report bugs.

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When it becomes available on iTunes, what is the name of the app. Wildmind?


Hi, Denise.

The app is actually available now, but I’d forgotten to post the link here. I’m glad you reminded me. Here’s the link again:

All the best,


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