Mindfulness for Dummies, by Shamash Aladina

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Book plus CD available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

If I could put a book in a drawer in every hotel room across America, across the world, it would be Mindfulness for Dummies by Shamash Alidina. Alidina’s website describes him the following way:  “He has taught mindfulness in a secular way for over a decade to adults, and has taught eastern philosophy, physics and mindfulness in a progressive childrens’ school for 8 years.”

As an experienced practitioner I was worried I wouldn’t find much new here. Instead, Mindfulness for Dummies is a fascinating, well-researched tour de force.  

Alidina seems to cover all the important bases with complex and yet simple bullet points of the Dummies series style of writing.  I can’t read books like this cover to cover, but it’s a great book to have around to dip into.Because of the lovely quotes, epigrams, insights, and the wide casting mind that finds many jewels amongst the world traditions, I recommend this thorough and subtle account of the many ways of thinking about mindfulness.  

This book also comes with a CD, which includes a range of short mindful meditation introductions.  He is gentle, positive, and calm in his instructions.  “Mindfulness is to fall awake, not asleep.”  There are many gems on the CD as well.

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