ZenFriend meditation app on Android

zenfriendLast year I gave a good review to a meditation timer app for the iPhone called ZenFriend. It’s a very attractive app with a clean and simply layout. I much prefer the look compared to the Insight Timer, which is the other main application I use.

I just heard today that the app is now also available for Android devices through the Google Play Store. It’s currently free. I’d recommend heading over and downloading it.

The app not only allows you to time your sessions, but also includes meditation instructions from a variety of teachers, and it includes a meditation log and statistics to help you track and maintain your meditation habit.

According to the app developer the iPhone version has been downloaded by almost 20,000 people. Cool!

(This isn’t an affiliate post and the review doesn’t benefit us financially in any way; I just want to let you know about a good app!)

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