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Our Indiegogo campaign, to fund our forthcoming meditation app, is approaching the 50% mark! Since the campaign is a month long and we’re just over a week in, this is fantastic news.

Already almost $4,000 has been contributed by 55 backers.

Our app will offer access to a huge, and ever-expanding, library of guided meditations, led by Bodhipaksa. The app itself will be free, although a subscription will be required to unlock all of the guided meditations.

This is our adaptation to the age of the app. We used to support our activities by publishing CDs, but of course that’s been in decline for a long time. Even MP3 are now losing popularity, as various streaming services continue to grow. (Did you know that last year, people bought more recordings on vinyl than in MP3 format?)

So our vision is that our app is destined to become our publishing platform — the ideal way for you to have access to an ever-growing selection of guided meditations.

We’re of course offering a variety of perks to our supporters, so why not check out our Indiegogo campaign and consider becoming a backer!

One of our perks offers you lifetime access to the app!

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still be a part of this. We have perks for people who don’t use iPhones — and our long-term plan is to develop an Android version of the app, so supporting this version will benefit you in the long run.


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