Bodhi Mind meditation app now available for free download

The Bodhi Mind app for iPhone and iPad is now available for download on the app store. Our app offers a library of well over 200 guided meditations, and the number will keep on growing. We intend that Bodhi Mind will be Wildmind’s main publishing platform from this point on.

You’ll find all the guided meditations from my CDs and meditation courses, plus materials that I’ve recorded for other purposes. Some live recordings from retreats and workshops have been added, with more on the way!

The app is free to download. Go get it now!

All of the meditations are available for a two week trial. After that you’ll have access to a selection of tracks, and you can unlock the rest by signing up for a subscription.

For Android users: we do intend to create a version of Bodhi Mind for your platform, but we need to make sure this version is successful first, so please tell your iPhone-using friends about the app!

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Sounds interesting thanks

Katherine Macika
December 28, 2017 1:44 am

Most of the IT community uses Android OS. I don’t have anyone to tell. :(


Hopefully you have at least one or two friends or relatives who don’t work in IT :)


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