Bodhipaksa’s audiobook featured on Huffington Post

Still The Mind, by BodhipaksaPeter Clothier, a regular columnist on the well-known news and opinion site, The Huffington Post, has reviewed Bodhipaksa’s latest audiobook, “Still the Mind: Simple Breathing Practices for Inner Peace,” published by Sounds True.

Peter writes:

Those who have taken any interest in Buddhist teachings will already know that there are many different approaches to the dharma. For those who also enjoy the listening experience there is a pleasure in store in the form of a new release from Sounds True, a double CD offering by Bodhipaksa called Still the Mind.

Okay, let’s first get a little bit of exotica out of the way. Bodhipaksa hails originally from Scotland, and brings with him, even after a number of years in the U.S., the delightful hint of a remaining Scottish accent. Combined with a wonderfully gentle, mellow intonation, his voice itself is enough to charm the ears off his listener. Its calming effects seem in themselves almost enough to “still the mind”…
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