Buddhism, a religion or not?

Merlyn Seeley, examiner.com: It is one of the debates that has been around for decades, maybe longer. Sometimes it rears its ugly head and other times it lies dormant waiting on it’s next moment to shine. Referring to the debate of whether Buddhism is a religion or not, we take a look at recent news articles. According to the Gaurdian, in an article dated October 7, Michael McGhee, a renowned Gaurdian.com philosopher, talks about his views as to whether or not Buddhism should be referred to as a religion or a spiritual practice.

Although, I do not know if McGhee is a Buddhist or not…

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  • Religion, spirituality or philosophy — how one perceives Buddhism is in the eye of the beholder. The practices and interpretations of Buddhism are as varied as those of Christianity and other world religions. No matter how informed a commentator may be, as soon as he presumes to define and delimit what Buddhism is and isn’t, he will be contradicted by other Buddhists. Perhaps it’s less contentious and more useful and fun to invite people to share what Buddhism is for them in 25 words or less.


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