Buddhists across the world meditate for compassion

News 8 Austin: For three days, Buddhists across the country and across the world took part in a meditation marathon, wishing for lasting happiness for all beings.

The marathon started Sunday at Diamond Way Buddhist centers, including one in Austin. The meditation is designed to strengthen compassion in participant’s own minds, as well as to have a broader effect on society.

“Meditation in Buddhism is really like a science of mind where we look deeply into what mind actually is,” participant Christopher Melson said. “So behind all the thoughts and feelings, they’re looking for some awareness that has some lasting qualities and one of those is compassion.”

The meditation on the Buddha of Compassion is one of the main practices of Diamond Way Buddhism.

Each participant is repeating a short mantra for 72 hours.

The organizers hope to collect more than 100 million mantras in total. For more information, visit DiamondWayBuddhism.org.

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