Calgary campus centre mends the mind

wildmind meditation news It is a stressful time for university students who are in the middle of writing final exams but now a little relief can be found on campus.

Staff at the University of Calgary’s Wellness Centre say students are all feeling the pressure of finals and dealing with the holiday season.

To help students cope, they have converted a dance studio in the Kinesiology Department on campus into a stress free zone.

The overhead lights are turned off and soothing music is played and a labyrinth is laid out in the middle of the floor for walking meditation.

“Sometimes they don’t even need to do anything, it’s just providing a space that is separate from what they associate with school, and with exams and studying and stress, so sometimes it’s just having that relaxing atmosphere, having the nice music, the dim lighting, and options for them to relax,” said Adriana Tulissi from the Faith & Spirituality Centre.

Tulissi says some days there are as many as 20 students in the centre who are there to simply relax and let go of their stresses.

The facility also has mats so students can take a nap and lamps for studying in a quiet environment and is also open to faculty and staff.

The program has been running for the past eleven years and is open from December 13th to the 20th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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