Cure PMS in 15 minutes

Robin Westen, NY Health and Beauty Examiner: Feeling bitchy, tired, depressed, bloated and can’t sleep? Got PMS? Well, don’t reach for over-the-counter meds.Close your eyes and relax. Meditation can help alleviate all your symptoms. In one study, women with severe PMS showed a 58 percent improvement after five months of daily meditation.

Although meditation has profound affects on our wellbeing, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. For beginners, follow these basic steps:

* Sit in a quiet, comfortable place on a straight-back chair or floor cushion. Relax your muscles but do not lie down.
* Select a simple phrase or word, such as “one,” “peace,” “om”.
* Repeat your chosen word as you breath in and out. If your mind wanders (whose doesn’t?) don’t quit. Just let your thoughts go, and refocus by repeating your chosen word.
* Continue for fifteen minutes.

When you finish, sit quietly for a minute or two — first with eyes closed, then with eyes open.

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