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Des Moines Register: Students at Waukee South Middle School are learning the sources of stress.

They’re also learning how to break it.

Students in sixth through eighth grade in the school’s health class are working on a stress unit.

During class, students in Traci Havlik’s health class work on ways to identify stress and address it.

“They have a lot on their plates,” Havlik said.

Like parents, homework and friends, said Sarah Chicken, 13, of Waukee.

“It’s fun to learn about stress and ways to be stress-free,” Sarah said.

So, how?

During the class, Havlik puts students through a variety of activities – including meditation and yoga – to help relieve stress.

“It gives them the tools to better deal with their stress,” Havlik said.

And it appears to be working. Sarah said it’s a class she has started looking forward to … without stress.

“I like it,” she said.

Havlik said teaching the kids those skills is something she hopes they’ll carry with them forever and use when stressful situations arise.

“I think it’s very important for them to at least get an idea of what their stresses are,” Havlik said.

Original article no longer available.


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