Gaza settlers told to try meditation, yoga (Haaretz, Israel)

Haaretz, Israel: Try yoga and meditation and don’t listen to the news – that’s the advice Gaza settlers are giving those in their midst who are getting increasingly anxious about the prospect of being forced to move.

A brochure distributed by the Gaza Coast Regional Council calls on settlers to combine their Jewish faith with New Age disciplines to face the psychological challenges posed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s planned withdrawal from Gaza by the end of 2005.

All 7,500 Gaza settlers would be removed from their homes as part of the plan.

The brochure says settlers should seek strength in their Jewish faith – and use a variety of other methods to lower tensions. “It is possible to study, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises,” the brochure says.

It also tells settlers to pay less attention to newspapers, radio and television.

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