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I wanted to make sure you knew about a world-class resource for mindfulness, compassion, empathy, parenting, and positive psychology: the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at the University of California, Berkeley.

The GGSC has a phenomenal website chock-full of useful information. It also puts on regular workshops, brings out vital books, supports first-rate research, and has a fantastic newsletter. I’m on its Advisory Council and can tell you from direct experience that it has a great and unique combination of academic prowess, heart, and service.

Their work stems from these core beliefs:

  • Compassion is a fundamental trait with deep evolutionary roots, and studying it teaches us how to nurture this positive side of human nature.
  • Science can promote individual and social well-being by examining how people overcome difficult circumstances and develop positive relationships. Findings can be applied in schools, homes, offices, and playgrounds.
  • Happiness is influenced by genes, but it’s also the result of skills and mental habits that can be learned and strengthened.
  • Happiness and altruism feed each other. For example, doing good will make you happy.

So I hope you make use of the GGSC’s great resources, and connect with others who seek a more compassionate and resilient society. Visit to enjoy their feature articles, podcasts, tips, and quizzes. Sign up for their free e-newsletter and be the first to hear about new research findings. Join the conversation on Facebook or follow the GGSC on Twitter (@GreaterGoodSC).

Additionally, you may like to join me in supporting the Greater Good Science Center directly. As a non-profit organization, they rely on the help of their volunteers and donors. For example, you could become a member, or gift a membership to someone close to you. Anything you could offer will help.

As you know, our world faces many challenges – and in my view, many of these are rooted in breakdowns in empathy, compassion, and understanding of our common interests. The GGSC is a vital source of resources for these issues – and for realistic steps toward a world truly based on the greater good.

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