Jon Kabat-Zinn gives advice for unhappy news junkies

Jon Brooks: There’s been a lot of bad news in recent years with the economy decimated and unemployment high and budget cuts. For consumers of news who find themselves overly affected by negative reports, what can they do in terms of mindfulness?

Jon Kabat-Zinn: If they’re very affected by it and negatively affected by it, what mindfulness would suggest is that you start to look at that and actually experience how you’re being affected by it. How it’s affecting your body, how it’s affecting the rest of your day, how much of your …

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Audio: Jon Kabat-Zinn on people negatively affected by the news.

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  • […] I particularly appreciate the bloodlessness and sexlessness of cozy mysteries. Yes, I am aware that in real life people do commit murders and have sex. I can’t open my browser without stumbling onto a certain former Disney star in some state of undress. And scarcely a day goes by when I’m not sickened anew by the violence humans inflict on one another, other creatures, and the planet. I’m not, however, puritanical about literature, and rather than shying away from realism, I usually lean in–years ago I took a graduate-level lit course focused entirely on Naturalism, so I’m used to kicking it old school with the gruesome detail. (I’m looking at you, Emile Zola.) But generally I tend to avoid fiction that is intemperate in its use of violence, particularly when that violence is sexualized. I don’t think it’s beneficial to our own states of mind to continually expose ourselves to violent images and stories, and I’m a big fan of being selective about news sources and taking regular media fasts. […]


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