Learning how to meditate can boost your sex drive

Yahoo News: According to researchers at Canada’s University of British Columbia and Israel’s Hadassah University Hospital, just a few sessions of meditation can boost your sex drive and speed arousal time.

The researchers measured the reactions of 24 women who were watching an erotic film, then measured for a second time after they attended three ‘mindfulness’ meditation courses.

Even though the participants were watching the same film, they were more turned on than during the first viewing.

he reasons for this aren’t fully understood, but researchers believe the art of meditation allows you to ‘turn off’ the active part of your brain and focus on specific feelings and sensations instead.

This could help you forget about that annoying tax return when he propositions you after dinner!

Here are a few tips to help you calm your mind…

+ You don’t need to be sat in the traditional cross legged position to meditate, just pick a posture that’s comfortable for you.
+ Clasp your fingers together and close your eyes.
+ Slowly begin to calm your mind by focusing on your breathing in and out.
+ Don’t do conscious breathing – don’t inhale sharply and force the air out in a wheezing motion, just stay relaxed and natural.
+ You should notice your thought processes slowing down.
+ Eventually your breathing will be short with limited movement in the chest (and just a slight movement at the brow).
+ At this stage, if you are completely relaxed and free of niggling thoughts you will be in a state of meditation.

Original article no longer available

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