“Looking In, Looking Out: Exploring Art, World, and Self”


Paintings by Lena Levin

I’m really looking forward to co-leading “Looking In, Looking Out: Exploring Art, World, and Self” — a course on art and meditation — with the very talented artist and teacher, Lena Levin. The course starts Feb 1.

A couple of years ago I took an online course with Lena and was impressed by how skillfully she was able to teach us to see in new ways. It was quite mind-blowing to see the extent to which what we see isn’t what’s there, but our mind’s approximation of what’s there. I felt, in some ways, that I was seeing for the first time. Also I was struck by the parallels between the techniques she taught and various approaches to meditation that I’ve explored over the years, although those are more to do with how we “see” the body — not literally but in terms of how the body is perceived internally.

In Lena’s portion of the course we’ll be looking with Lena at eight paintings, literally learning to see them — and by extension the world — in fresh ways. And in my meditations I’ll be doing the same, but with ourselves — and, again, by extension the world.

If you feel interested in learning more, click here.

I’ve put together a little promo video for this course. It’s a new departure for me, and this one’s a little basic. But I hope you enjoy it!


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  • I’m a late comer. I would like to ask if I’m able to catch up with the course if I register now. Am I able to access the course materials after Feb? How’re things going on as it has gone half way already? Waiting for your advice.

  • I’d be interested in doing this course if you do it again. Can I get a note if you do?

    • I’d suggest signing up for our newsletter, Sally. Unfortunately if we run this course again next year I’m unlikely to remember that you asked me to let you know about it. It was a great course, incidentally!


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