Meditate To Relieve Stress (WTOC, Georgia)

WTOC, Savannah, Georgie: Daily stress can make you age faster, that’s according to a new study and who doesn’t have daily stress? Maybe it’s time to reach deep down into your inner self through meditation and get rid of some extra stress that can build up especially around the holiday season. But just how do you meditate? And what results can you expect?

The Chopra Center at Memorial Health is a quiet and peaceful kind of place. Nancy Bowden enjoys spending time there as a volunteer. Meditation is one of the services offered at the Center and Nancy has been meditating since the 70’s when transcendental meditation was popular. “It’s not that kind of mystical thing any more,” says Nancy. “For me it’s a tool that helps me de-stress.”

Nancy and Jeannie Green demonstrate typical meditation postures, sitting on plus over-sized pillows cross-legged on the floor. Jeannie, a certified meditation instructor says there is no right or wrong way to meditate. “It helps to have instructor give you tips, pointers on how to meditate.”

Meditation is a way of accessing your inner silence, getting into a zone that puts out of mind, everything that is happening in the world around you. “With the intent of relaxation, resting our minds,” says Jeannie.

If you’re interested but don’t know how to get started you can attend a free open meditation offered at the Center. “It’s a perfect way for somebody who is perhaps interested in meditation but intimidated by the process or even the word.”

The next open session is coming up Tuesday December 7 at 5:30 and it’s free. The Chopra Center is in Memorial Health but look for their new location soon in the Hilton Hotel in downtown Savannah.

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