Meditation for pain relief gains respect from doctors

CBC News: Meditation is gaining more favour in medicine for relieving pain, Canadian and U.S. doctors say.

“Our review found moderate strength of evidence that mindfulness meditation programs are beneficial for reducing pain severity,” says the draft report by a panel of the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research Quality.

The panel reviewed 34 randomized trials with control groups to rigorously assess the effects of meditation.

The draft U.S. report is open for public comments until Jan 2. The report could be used to develop clinical practice guidelines or as a basis for reimbursing and coverage policies, Dr. Carolyn Clancy, the agency’s director, and her co-authors …

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Mid-Week Balance: 19 December 2012
December 19, 2012 9:03 am

[…] I know that I write about meditation and mindfulness practice a lot. Here is one of the reasons. As more research is published, more doctors are recognizing that meditation can be genuinely helpful to those who live with pain. […]


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