Meditation is death of the ego

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Our whole education, culture, civilisation is a training in how to become unreal, and how to prevent yourself from becoming real and and touching the reality which is hidden within you. Now meditation is the death of ego and how to contact the real and how to be again real. The first thing to be understood is how we go on becoming unreal and once this process is understood many things change immediately. The very understanding becomes mutation. We are born undivided and whole as one individual, neither body nor mind. The body and mind are two aspects of our being and not two divisions; two polarities of life energy that is the same. We need to understand our own problems.

Meditation is a route through which man can solve his own problems and make some effort to know who he is. Man is pure consciousness. You are not conscious that you are consciousness.

A life is there and you are alive. Why are you not aware who you are? What prevents you from this basic self knowledge? If you can understand the barrier, the barrier can be dissolved very easily. So the real question is not how to know oneself, but to know how you do not know yourself. How are you missing such a clear and obvious reality, such a basic truth, which is so near to you? How do you go on not seeing the truth? It is difficult to escape from oneself. You must have created walls. You must be deceiving yourself. So what is the trick that is played to escape knowing yourself? If you do not understand the trick, whatever you do will not help. Because of the trick you go on asking how to know yourself, truth and reality. And consequently you go on helping the barrier to grow.

Everywhere people have hatred towards each other and differences among themselves. These are not just differences between one person and another, but are everywhere in caste, creed, politics and religious centres. There are conflicts and differences even when people spread peace and dharma. There is no freedom for anybody in anything. Dharma and peace, instead of integrating people, are causing disruption. This attitude is dividing people and creating inferiority and superiority complexes in them, instead of promoting unity.

There are numerous religious centres whose goal is the same; however, each of these centres claims that it is better than the rest. Everybody should realise the above fact and should have the desire to resolve this difference, not just intellectually, but should realise that there is a need for an urgent response to the whole issue from within.

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