Meditation is helping medical students

Harold Mandel, Being a medical student is a very stressful experience which can result in burnout without proper interventions. Natural interventions such as meditation are preferable to drugs in order to avoid potential side effects from tranquilizers. Mayo Clinic writes that meditation is used for relaxation and stress reduction. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reported in a news release on Oct. 30, 2013, that medical students are being taught meditation techniques to prevent burnout and improve care.

Although doctors often advise patients to be careful about too much stress since it can be harmful to their health, physicians don’t always take their own advice…

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  • Hey, this is great news. I’ve always hoped that meditation and mindfulness practices would be used more and actually prescribed to patients as ways to reduce stress and prevent future illness.

  • Thanks for the article. Just wanted to share news of a site I’ve created that looks at the scientific research on the benefits of meditation, and how it is being applied to different spheres of society today. Enjoy,


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