Mindfulness eases inflammation

Meditation_inflamm_Feb_webMeditation is gaining popularity and along with that popularity is ongoing analysis. The Western mind is seeking to find “proof” for the efficacy of what Eastern practitioners have experienced for centuries. As that quest progresses, more and more is being understood about meditation, about what it does to the mind and body as well as the effects that it has. Last year we reported in this news column that meditation can reduce inflammation. Now a new study has shown that mindfulness meditation not only reduces inflammation, it reduces inflammation more effectively than some other behavioural strategies.

Mindfulness meditation entails observing, without judgement…

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  • An intriguing article marred by the fact that the “study” it refers to is not actually cited! The article doesn’t even say how large the sample size was, nor the duration of the study. Very sloppy journalism. (Not by Wildmind, I hasten to add!)


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