Nottingham Buddhist monks plan meditation cave

Buddhist monks are planning to open a meditation cave under Nottingham.

The cave below the Buddhist centre on Derby Terrace would be a place for people to be completely alone, said a spokesperson for the monks.

There are about 450 man-made sandstone caves in Nottingham dating back to the medieval period.

The caves have been used as dungeons, beer cellars, tanneries and air-raid shelters but there are no records of them being used for meditation before.

Venerable Edo Shonin and Venerable William Van Gordon opened the Bodhayati Vihara Buddhist centre near The Park in May.

The pair said the centre was home… Read the rest of this article…

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Christina Shreen
August 7, 2011 2:47 pm

They want to meditate at the cave let them be.but the question is are they safe? we know that disasters comes at unexpected moment.hoping that they assure their safety .


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