So… why do you meditate?

Reetu Gupta, Huffington Post: This is a question that is posed to me quite regularly, and I can see the skepticism in people’s eyes — the fear of meditation, and the preconceived notions that the only people that meditate are/were Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. However, I am also regularly asked, “Reetu, why do you always seem at peace? Why do you seem like you are happy from the inside? How are you so centered? So positive?” Well, this is because I meditate.

When our bodies become overworked, the body …

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  • How should one commence meditation? What is the best form of meditation and whY should one meditate?

    • I’d suggest starting here, Roger, and then also learning lovingkindness practice. Those are the two core practices that I teach, and I recommend alternating them daily.

      There is no one “best” form of meditation any more than there is a best form of physical exercise. Different practices exercise different faculties.

      As for why you should meditate: to be brief, it’ll make you happier and enrich your life.


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