Some women say meditation, relaxation help battle cancer (Kansas City Channel)

Kelly Eckerman, KMBC: Turning Point Offers Free Programs

Fighting cancer takes a lot and modern medicine alone isn’t always enough, which is why some cancer patients are turning to meditation, KMBC’s Kelly Eckerman reported.

Meditation has become a way to relax and relieve stress, but for one group of women it has become so much more. They all share a tremendous bond — they’re all battling late-stage cancer, and so far, they have all beaten the odds.

“When you get a prognosis of cancer, you seek out many ways to help you. You feel a need to encompass everything in life you think might benefit you,” cancer survivor Nancy Holt said.

The stress of battling an aggressive disease can be overwhelming. While they can’t prove meditation prolongs life, they agree it has become an important part of their therapy.

“I just have to stop, check focus and go on. That’s how I’ve dealt with cancer. That’s how I deal with life,” cancer survivor Dee Finsley said.

“Cancer is a series of stressors, especially if you’re dealing with recurrences. That brings a whole new set of stress to the table. What meditation does is help manage the stress of life, not just of having the disease, but the everyday stressors of life,” said Moira Mulhern, Turning Point’s co-founder.

Research shows meditation can reduce anxiety, decrease depression and boost the immune system. But some benefits go beyond measure.

“It helps us get through the day with calmness and enlightenment and a little bit of peace,” Holt said.

The meditation and relaxation class is offered through Turning Point, which offers free programs for individuals and families living with serious illness.

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  • To learn more about Turning Point and its services, click here.

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