Sonam set free (Buddhist News Network)

After hectic mobilization from Buddhist activists, mainly from California, the detained Tibetan nun Sonam who came to the United States seeking asylum has been released from a central Virginian jail.

Sonam, the Tibetan nun detained in a central Virginian jail, was released yesterday.

An anonymous source have requested well wishers cautions that while the appeal process is still moving forward, she asks that everyone to keep up the momentum during this incredible time of opening and major press coverage.

Here’s some of what [local Buddhist woman] shared this morning:

She got a call yesterday from her contact at Radio Free Asia asking to please pick up Sonam from the prison. They let Sonam out, and there was much crying and hugging.

“The sweetness in that jail is beyond belief.”

Sonam will be staying with a Tibetan women; [local Buddhist woman] plans to take her to a doctor next week.

Apparently, Senator Diane Feinstein called Tom Ridge’s office twice yesterday from California to say the situation was upsetting and that they had to do something about it. This perhaps says something about the mobilization that has been going on California!

Original article no longer available…

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