Swami meditates upside-down over a bonfire, for world peace

As millions of religious-minded are visiting the ongoing ‘Maha Kumbh Mela’ or, the biggest religious bathing fair in Haridwar city of Uttarakhand, many holy men have become a major draw here for the unusual feats or the meditation methods.

One of such holy men is Swami Vijayananda. He has turned a star attraction here, as everyday he hangs himself upside-down for eight hours on a bonfire.

He says it is his way of performing penance for world peace and will continue meditating in this manner for 21 days.

Talking to the reporters Swami Vijayananda Maharaj said that he meditates in order to pray for world peace.

“This is a throne on which I am meditating remembering the lord which might help to create world peace and also protect human emotions,” Vijayananda Maharaj said.

Many visitors are coming here to have a glimpse of such a holy man performing this unique style of meditation.

“I am glad to see the way he has been meditating. I am happy to witness that our country has such holy men who are meditating to the lord for social welfare and for world peace,” Nitin, one of the visitors.

Kumbh Mela is one of the world’s largest religious congregations. It began on January 14 and will continue till April 28 this year.

The fair that is believed to draw one of the biggest congregations in the world is held every 12 years at any one of the places of high religious significance.

Taking a dip along the riverbanks of Haridwar is considered auspicious by Hindus, as they believe the city is one of the holiest places along the 2,000 kilometre long flow of River anga. And, this year the fair being held at Haridwar has increased its significance for people many times.

[via One India]

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