Tandem meditation 101: how meditating with your partner builds intimacy

wildmind meditation newsJason Nik, Care2.com: As a Life Coach, I’ve had many clients in relationships that meditate, but somehow it always surprises me when they tell me they only meditate on their own. When these clients are going through relationship troubles and I suggest meditating together, they look at me as if I don’t understand the concept of meditation.

We all know that the benefits of meditation have been well-documented as decreasing anxiety and increasing happiness for an individual among other things; but some of the time we have spent meditating alone to enhance our individual lives could also be spent meditating with another to …

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  • Today, I did a tandem meditation to assist my friend with learning to meditate. I leaned against a tree and allowed my friend to sit between my legs with his back against my heart chakra. He was able to feel my breathing patterns and fully relax. Initially I planned to meditate with him for about 13 minutes, but stopped at 6.5 minutes because the weight of his body was heavy. Surprisingly enough, he was drenched in sweat. Later, my cycle started a week early. I attempted to find research on the energy exchange, but results were limited. This was an extraordinary experience.


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