Tango with Buddha? New book, “Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation” by Chan Park (EMediaWire)

Press release: New Book, “Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation” by Chan Park

Have you admired those who Tango, as well as those who meditate, but think you’ll never understand or accomplish the beauty and bond either of these two disciplines can bring? Come and discover, first hand (and foot!) how both aesthetic experiences, done simultaneously, can be your road to inner peace through this informative, engaging and beautifully illustrated book.

Tango Zen is for beginners as well as veteran dancers, for those who are new or seasoned at meditation, and for anyone who is searching for a literal step-by-step method that is both rhythmic and simple to pursue, in order to accomplish a peaceful way of being. Walking, both basic to Tango and Meditation, creates the basis for the practice of Tango Zen, whether done with another or on one’s own.

Easy to read, this book is not only educational and enlightening in its approach to Tango Zen, but a guidebook to the social, physical, and emotional benefits of Tango Zen.

Chan Park’s instruction balances the left and right brain through his clear and concise guidance toward Tango Zen. Park introduces these two ideas to each other on the dance floor; what results is a sublime partnership – you’ll soon be walking in Park’s Tango Zen shoes. A scholar in the sciences as well as the arts, Park is an accomplished dancer, Tango teacher, martial arts devotee, and teacher of meditation, offering workshops in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

Tango is the dance of connection, relaxation, and silent communication. Meditation is the art of discovering and reconciling one’s own nature. Together, in Tango Zen, they make the music of mind and body, one step at a time.

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