The Power of Self-Compassion: A Workshop in Toronto, Oct 19, 2013

On this workshop we’ll explore the power that self-compassion has to free us from hurt and fear, and to free us up to be compassionate toward others.

Studies have shown that self-compassion leads to greater emotional resilience and happiness. When we’re compassionate toward ourselves not only are we happier, but we’re also more able to help other people.

And yet many of us find it hard to have compassion for ourselves. We tend to be self-critical, and have difficult distinguishing self-compassion from self-pity and self-indulgence. On this day of meditation and reflection, Bodhipaksa will guide us through practical exercises in learning to regard ourselves — and our pain — with compassion. (Download the PDF poster here.)


The workshop will be led by Bodhipaksa, a Scottish-born author and Buddhist teacher who lives in New Hampshire. Bodhipaksa is the founder of Wildmind ( a leading internet meditation resource.


Mindful BodyWorks
1278 St. Clair Ave W
2nd Floor, Unit 14
Toronto, ON M6E1B9

It’s open to all, even complete beginners to meditation.


10 AM to 2 PM


$40 early bird rate (up to Oct 12)
$50 after Oct 12

Click here to reserve your place.

P.S. For anyone interested, there will be an optional gathering after the workshop to discuss setting up regular Triratna Buddhist Community events in Toronto. Bodhipaksa (visiting from New Hampshire) and Harshaprabha (visiting from the UK) will be hosting the gathering.

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Please consider doing a similar event in or near Missoula, Montana – or even a weekend retreat. That would be so awesome!


You’re in Missoula? Did you know I used to live there?

I’d certainly love to come do a weekend retreat in Montana. I could probably arrange something with the Rocky Mountain Buddhist Center.


I live in Missoula County, but not in the city. I live out in the courntry and absolutely LOVE it! No cell service at my house. (Kind of bragging there – sorry.)

I did know that you went to the UofM. I saw that when I first checked out this website.

Anyway, that would be totally awesome if you came out this way some time. Please seriously consider it.



Ever considered converting the materials you present at the workshop into an online course?


It’s certainly my intention to do this, but I have several other projects to complete before I could put together an online course on self-compassion.


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