Transcendental meditation reduces ADHD symptoms among students: New study

Medical News Today: The Transcendental Meditation technique may be an effective and safe non-pharmaceutical aid for treating ADHD, according to a promising new study published this month in the peer-reviewed online journal Current Issues in Education. Read more here.


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  • This study is a pilot study of only 10 participants. There was no control group. Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn from the study. The kids could have improved for any number of reasons which can’t be determined without a control.

  • You’re correct of course. I’d guess the reason they called it a “pilot study” was because it wasn’t a controlled clinical study but a preliminary investigation to see whether it might be worth following up in a more rigorous way. I’d suggest that a 50% reduction in stress levels is promising and worth following up. I’m not, incidentally, a great fan of the TM technique, or rather I’m not a fan of the TM organization, which I think operates more like a big business than a spiritual organization. I also think there are other meditation techniques are more effective than TM.


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