Virgin Atlantic Offers Passengers Inflight ‘Meditainment’ to London (Yahoo Business News)

Virgin Atlantic Airways is to offer passengers Meditainment, the world’s first inflight meditation programme, from 1 February as part of its extensive inflight entertainment package. Meditainment Ltd, a company which specialises in guided meditation experiences, has produced a series of meditative journeys for the audio inflight entertainment system.

Meditainment blends traditional meditation techniques and audio entertainment.
The meditative journeys available are specifically tailored to aid relaxation and sleep and to overcome stress and anxiety. Passengers can opt for meditative journeys to a Desert Island or Summer Meadow or, for the more adventurous, the Moon or the Arctic!

Katie Marks, Programming Coordinator for Virgin Atlantic, commented:

“Virgin Atlantic is really pleased to be able to add this great new way to chill out onboard our flights. With people leading such busy lives and the growing interest in yoga and meditation we wanted reflect that trend onboard. So now our passengers can travel to New York via the astral plane!”
Richard Latham, Producer and Script Writer for Meditainment Ltd, said:

“Long haul flights can be a major mental challenge for some travellers, especially if they are unable to sleep. With Meditainment, passengers can enjoy the time bending effects of meditation, while awake or sound asleep.”

Meditation can have a number of psychological benefits including increased calm and happiness and reduced stress and anxiety. Physical benefits can include reduced blood pressure and an enhanced immune system.
Meditainment will be available on all Virgin Atlantic aircraft which have the Vport inflight entertainment system onboard. All Virgin Atlantic aircraft are fitted with personal seat back TV’s for every passenger.

Vport is the most advanced inflight entertainment system offering passengers up to 200 hours of video and audio entertainment on demand along with a wide range of games to choose from. Virgin Atlantic also offers an audio session with Flying Without Fear’s psychoanalyst David Landau, for passengers who have a fear of flying. This consists of relaxation techniques, soundscapes and constructive hints to calm and de-stress. Passengers who simply want to relax will also find this highly beneficial as 30 minutes spent in deep relaxation is worth six hours of sound sleep.

[Original article no longer available.]
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