Wildmind blog now available on Amazon Kindle

Wildmind’s blog is now available on your Amazon Kindle.

If you have a Kindle you can subscribe from the Kindle Store. The subscription is free for the first two weeks, and $1.99 per month thereafter. Amazon does not make it possible for us to offer the blog on the Kindle at no cost.

If you’re not sure what a Kindle is, it’s Amazon’s nifty ebook reader. It uses a revolutionary electronic ink screen, so it’s possible to read it even in bright sunlight. In fact the brighter the light, the easier it is to read. And the batteries last for a week or more, so it’s perfect for taking to the beach or for taking on a journey. It can hold thousands of books, and can also be used to subscribe to blogs and newspapers.

The Kindle comes in three varieties: with a six inch screen and wifi connection (for downloading books and blogs), with a six inch screen, wifi and free 3G connection, or with a 9.7 inch screen, wifi and 3G.

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  • A great idea. Any plans to make available to folk living in the Asia-Pacific region? Not everyone lives in America.

    A great blog, by the way. One of my favourites.

    • I’m glad you like our blog. I’m afraid we have no control over where Amazon makes blogs available on the Kindle. I’m not even sure why they’ve chosen to do that!


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