2017: A Year of Conscious Living

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Did you find 2016 challenging? Meditating can help 2017 be less stressful!

Registration is now open for all of Wildmind’s online meditation events for 2017.

We’re calling this program our Year of Conscious Living, and we’re bringing you a larger range of events than ever before.

Our course schedule includes events for all levels of practice, whether you’re a beginner interested in learning basic techniques or a more experienced meditator interested in cultivating deep meditative states and insight. You’re free to pick and choose which events you participate in.

Since our courses are online, they’re incredibly convenient! No need to travel; you can learn to meditate in your own home, or wherever you happen to be!

We start the year on January 1, with two courses.

  • Change Your Mind is an introduction to meditation, which will guide you, step-by-step, through two fundamental meditation practices, to help you let go of stress and to find more joy and appreciation in your life. It’s ideal for complete beginners to meditation, or if you haven’t meditated in a while and need to go over the basics again.
  • Get Your Sit Together is aimed at people who already know how to meditate, but who have trouble meditating regularly. If you resist meditating, or if life just keeps getting in the way of your good intentions, then this is the course for you!

Click here to check out our full program for 2017!

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