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Children from the The Dharma School in the UK, Europe’s only Buddhist-based primary school, have set up a blog to present their experience of Buddhist pracice.

At the school’s blog<, pupils from Years 3 to 6 are creating a series of podcasts and blogs about meditation and mindfulness as part of an ICT project with teacher Ross Young. As most of the information online about meditation is written by adults (and primarily for adults) the kids wanted to relay their experiences and perspectives in a way they felt would be accessible to children their own age.

You can subscribe to receive regular updates and podcasts (via itunes) and check out their “how to” guide to meditation, ideas for mindful activities to try at home, “mindful mind skills”, poems about meditation, favourite books, “wicked websites”, “what’s cool about our school”, their radio show and podcasts and much more.

Please enjoy, subscribe, comment and share!

It’s great that school-age children are learning meditation and mindfulness. It’s even better that they’re teaching it!

Update: Dharma Primary School was the first primary school and nursery in Britain to offer an education based on Buddhist values. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. It was an independent school and nursery based in East Sussex, on the south east coast of England. The 14th Dalai Lama was a patron.

The Dharma Primary School educated around 80 children in a large historic house in Patcham, Brighton.  Children of all abilities and backgrounds were eligible to attend. There were generally 10–20 children in each class with a teacher and an assistant.

The school closed in July 2020.

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