A heads-up about an exciting new project

This is an exciting time for us at Wildmind. We’re about to start developing our own app, which will feature an ever-expanding library of my guided meditations.

The app itself will be free, although to unlock all of the meditations will require a subscription of $3.99 a month. We’re hoping that this app will bring us the financial security that’s been so elusive over the last few years, freeing us up from financial worries so that we can focus more on helping people.

As with past projects, we’re using Indiegogo to crowdfund the development costs, and we’d love if you would support us.

The crowdfunding campaign doesn’t go live until Monday, but in order to start with a bang we’d really appreciate if you’d make a contribution before then. We of course are offering perks to all of our donors. Please check them out at this special campaign preview!

I can’t tell you how much we’d appreciate your support!

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  • The IG page says “Bodhi Mind will become the main way to access my teachings.” But you’re only planning to release an iPhone app in the immediate future, which seems to leave me and other Android users out. With there be other ways to access your teachings for those of us who prefer different tech?

    • Hi, Andrea.

      I wrote in the blurb for the Indiegogo project, “If we raise more than our $8,750 target, the surplus will be used to host and maintain the app, create new content, and support the development of future versions, including the possible creation of an Android app.” We do actually intend to create an Android app, but we just don’t want to promise too much at the moment!

      • I did see that blurb, thanks.
        So as an Android user, if I choose one of the perks with X months or Y years of access (unfortunately the lifetime access perk is not feasible for me), would the clock start ticking for me from the point at which the iPhone app is released, or would I be able to postpone the start date to when the Android app is released?
        Or will there be a separate funding campaign for the Android app?

        • Hey, Andrea.

          We’ve started adding some perks that aren’t about subscribing to the app, so that people who don’t have iPhones can still benefit directly from contributing to the campaign. We have a couple more of those still to add. That might be a better bet than signing up for a subscription for an Android app whose launch date is completely unknown.

          But purely hypothetically, if you did want to opt for one of the subscription perks with the idea that it would be transferred over to the Android app when it appears, then the clock wouldn’t start ticking until the app is live and you’d activated the subscription yourself. The way it would most likely work is that you’d be given a registration code to enter in the app. If that code is for a one year subscription, then the one year would start when you entered the code. The code wouldn’t expire, so you’d be able to start your year at your convenience.


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