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Right now we’re crowdfunding so that we can bring out a meditation app. The app is called “Bodhi Mind,” and its going to offer a huge selection of my guided meditations, which you’ll literally have at your fingertips.

We’ve already raised almost 75% of what we need in order to develop the app. If you’re interested in becoming a backer, you only have five days left, so head over to our campaign page and select your perk.

But you might want to know what’s going to be in the Bodhi Mind app, and that’s what I’m going to talk about here.

In short, the Bodhi Mind app offers a path to spiritual awakening. It includes pretty much every meditation I’ve recorded through Wildmind in the last 17 years. It covers a huge range of approaches to meditation, taking you from the first time you sit on the cushion and focus on your breathing, right through to the arising of insight.

Bodhi Mind includes guided meditations from Wildmind’s CDs:

  • Guided Meditations for Calmness, Awareness, and Love (which includes three meditations)
  • Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction (two meditations)
  • Guided Meditations for Busy People (nine meditations)
  • The Heart’s Wisdom (four meditations)
  • Mindfulness Meditations for Teens (six meditations and two short talks)
  • The Six Elements (two meditations)
  • How to Stop Beating Yourself Up (four meditations)
  • Sleep Meditations (2, although this hasn’t been published as a CD)
  • Harnessing the Power of Kindness (fifteen meditations*)
  • Guided Meditations for Inner Peace (twelve meditations*)

(* each meditation is available in standard, abridged, and extended versions)

That’s 57 meditations so far, including the special edition meditations for those last two CDs, or 41 if you don’t count those.

Then there are our meditation courses. We’re still gathering all the material together, but just in the last two years we’ve run:

  • Sit, Breathe, Love (10 meditations)
  • Living With Awareness (8 meditations)
  • Living With Compassion (6 meditations)
  • Living With Appreciation (5 meditations)
  • A Love as Deep as Life Itself (5 meditations)
  • Letting Go Into Joy (14 meditations)
  • Letting Go Into Reality (13 meditations)
  • Optimize Your Brain (12 meditations)
  • Just Being, Just Sitting (7 meditations)
  • The Conscious Couple (5 meditations)
  • How to Stop Beating Yourself Up (5 meditations)
  • Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness (8 meditations)
  • Get Your Sit Together (8 meditations)
  • Change Your Mind (12 meditations)
  • Find and Live Your Purpose (7 meditations)
  • Stop Freaking Out (8 meditations)

So that’s another 131 meditations. Add those to the CD material and you have 188 guided meditations!

Plus there’s my audiobook, the Power of Mindfulness, which contains seven meditations. And there are a few other meditations, like those I’ve recorded for Insight timer, and some older courses I haven’t mentioned. So the app will have at least 200 meditations to start with.

But there’s more! How can there be, you may wonder? Well, I’ve started recording more of the live teaching that I do, so there are several workshops and full retreats where all of the guided meditations and talks have been captured for you. Just recently I led a week-long retreat and a couple of workshops in Australia, and all of the talks, meditations, and question and answer sessions have been recorded (complete with kookaburras in the background!). The other weekend I lead a Stress-Reduction Through Mindfulness weekend retreat in New Hampshire, and all the meditations and most of the talks were recorded.

So the app will be starting with all that material (or it’ll be added soon after the launch).

And thereafter I’ll continue to add more material. Not only will live events, like retreats and workshops, be recorded and made available, but we have plans to record a lot more CDs. Titles we already have planned are:

  • Guided Meditations for Inner Calm
  • Guided Meditations for Inner Tranquility
  • Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind

These all include approaches to meditation that I’ve developed over the years that are exceptionally good at reducing the amount of unnecessary thinking we do, and bringing about inner peace and calm. Each CD is planned to contain four guided meditations.

And then there’s another series, following on from Harnessing the Power of Kindness. The titles are tentative, but will be on the topics of:

  • Harnessing the Power of Compassion
  • Harnessing the Power of Appreciation
  • Harnessing the Power of Reverence

Again, each of these CDs is planned to contain four meditations.

So if you’re an app subscriber, all of this will be added to what’s available to you. You’ll just open the app and see a notification that new material has appeared! It’s as simple as that!

Looking at all these meditations, I’m stunned by the quantity, which is more than twice as much as I’d originally estimated. But for me the really exciting thing is that this app will offer guided meditations that provide an extraordinarily complete guide to practice: from calming the mind to developing the heart, to penetrating delusion in order to awaken insight.

That’s why the tagline for our app campaign is “A Path to Awakening.” That’s what we’re offering: an ever-expanding set of tools to help you walk your spiritual path.

If you’d like to have access to all this, you can help us bring this app about by becoming a backer of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. If you’re interested, head over there now and check out the perks we’re offering. Mostly they involve getting a discounted app subscription. For example, for $400 you get access for life, although you can choose perks that offer shorter-term subscriptions, and even perks that aren’t related to the app. So even if you’re an Android user, you can still become a backer. (And yes, we do plan to have an Android version too!)

In short: check out our campaign, take a look at the great perks, and become a backer in order to enjoy and benefit from an ever-expanding library of guided meditations.

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