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hands holding heart-shaped leavesThis morning I shared some resources I’d put together on the subject of self-compassion, but I just realized that there’s another great resource of mine that I can point you to. It’ll be especially ideal if you can’t make it to my November 22 workshop at the NY Insight Meditation Center, or a good primer if you can.

This resource is a video presentation on “How to Stop Beating Yourself Up,” on En*Theos Academy, which is a kind of Netflix for spirituality and personal development.

This class presents my latest teaching shared in a fun, high energy, 30-minute video format (you can also download MP3s and a PDF for the class). And it’s free! Check it out here!

The online course is based on my Top 10 Big Ideas on self-compassion, Here’s a sneak peek at the Top 5:

  • Self-Compassion is Not Self-Indulgence
  • Self-Compassion Makes Us Stronger, Not Weaker
  • Being Hard on Ourselves is Not Essential for Motivation
  • Self-Compassion Starts When You Accept that It’s OK to Suffer
  • Most of Our Suffering is Self-Inflicted

Click here to check out my class at the Academy for Optimal Living and you’ll get the rest of my Big Ideas along with my best advice on the topic.

Hope you love it!

P.S. I’m not the only one serving up wisdom at the Academy. From health, nutrition and fitness to creativity, productivity, spirituality, relationships and parenting, hundreds of extraordinary teachers are sharing their expert advice on everything that goes into optimizing our lives – all in one place!

There are already 300+ courses to choose from (with 100+ new classes added every month), each with 10 Big Ideas that can change your life. Check out the Academy’s class catalog here. It’s huge!

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