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With 14 days left in our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve already raised 56% of our target. And we’ve just added a new perk to our campaign — the Bodhi Mind mug.

We’ve made a lighthearted (and decidedly amateurish) video to go with it, but the more serious side is that Wildmind’s aim is to help people. We hear over and over again that what we do here is in fact life-changing, that it helps people free themselves from their suffering, and that it helps people understand how to transform their lives through meditation and Buddhist practice.

As well as our website, which offers hundreds of pages of free meditation instruction, we help people by recording and publishing guided meditations. At first we did that on CDs (which have rapidly declined in popularity) and then on MP3s (which are also collapsing as a medium). Now it’s time for us to make our guided meditations available in an app.

The Bodhi Mind meditation app is destined to become our main publishing platform going into the future.

At first I estimated that it would start with over 80 guided meditations, but it seems that the actual number will be more than 100. In the last month alone I’ve recorded eight new meditations as part of a course that’s just about to finish. Those meditations will be made available on the app, along with all the other meditations I’ve recorded for courses.

Last weekend I led a retreat on the topic of Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness. Most of the talks and all the meditations were recorded. Those too will be available on the app.

So will all of the talks, guided meditations, and Q & A sessions from my recent week-long retreat in Australia!

This is going to be a major meditation resource, and it’s one that we hope will secure our long-term financial stability, freeing up our energies so that we can focus on teaching rather than on juggling finances.

We’d really appreciate your support, so why not visit our Indiegogo campaign page, pick your perk, and become a backer.

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