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Living With Awareness (Feb 1–28)

Living With Awareness: Practical Techniques and Exercises for Cultivating Mindfulness is a 28 day meditation event, starting February 1, exploring the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with our experience. When we’re not mindful, we get carried away with our thoughts and emotions, which leads to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and distractedness.

When the quality of mindfulness is present, we have a greater ability to choose our thoughts and emotions. It has been clinically proven to reduce stress, promote feelings of wellbeing, and improve mental and physical health.

Register today for Living with Awareness!


14 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge (Feb 1–14)

Our mindfulness meditation challenge is both a meditation event exploring the practice of mindfulness of breathing, and an opportunity to set up a rock-solid daily meditation habit.

With the aid of Bodhipaksa’s accessible and down-to-earth guidance, you will learn how to set up the habit of meditating daily, develop a greater ability to be present with your experience, and experience reduced emotional reactivity and a heightened sense of being in control of your life.

Register now for a daily dose of mindfulness!

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