“Cherish This,” by Satyadevi

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With the author’s permission I’m pleased to offer to you a poem by New Zealand author Satyadevi, from her book, “Stone, Sea and Sand: Poems and Reflections on the Buddha’s Teaching on Impermanence.” Half the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to support the Christchurch Earthquake Red Cross Appeal, with the remainder going towards improving facilities Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre, including accommodations for people with disabilities.

Cherish this – Clare College Gardens on midsummer’s day where as close and as sweetly elusive
as the orange blossom’s scent
love strayed in,
stayed a while and went.

Cherish this – the first virginal touch of spring that comes so lightly fingering
with palest sunlight tips
the tallest tree tops –
then leaves them unbelieving.

Cherish this, the dance of the winter wind combing the valley floor and the mountain air netted by
shards of light that
drape the hills like a secret veil
this perfect
full moon


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