Day 26 of Wildmind’s 100 Day Meditation Challenge

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100 day meditation challenge 026Here’s a quick “How it’s going for me” from Peter, who is involved in Wildmind’s Community.

A little over 7 months ago, I lost my partner (of 44 years) to cancer. I struggle with my grief and realised I needed to find some spiritual solace.

I had meditated on an occasional basis over the last few years, mainly trying to deal with any anxiety that I found in life. I tried returning to my childhood Christian tradition, but found this did not answer my need.

I returned to meditation which had always been guided by Bodhipaksa (his ‘Guided Meditations’ from 2005), and found greater peace and some quietening of my anxiety through this.

Some 6 weeks ago, fate drew me to the Wildmind website, where I discovered a community that was devoted to helping each other through the adventures of meditation. Three weeks ago we started the 100 Day Challenge, to see if we could meditate daily.

It has been an enormous learning experience.

I’ve missed 3 days so far, but that is the nature of being human and compassionate – it doesn’t matter.

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