Day 31 of Wildmind’s 100 Day Meditation Challenge

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100 day meditation challenge 031David St. Michael, from Wildmind’s Google+ Community, looks back on where his practice has taken him so far:

I enjoy my morning meditations. It’s a ritual that is deeply a part of me. I used to, for many years, wake up feeling depressed and angry and stuff. Most of that is crap I learned from childhood abuse and growing up in a messed up family.

However, about three years ago, I started morning meditating in direct response to my demons, as it were. I wanted something to do that would help calm my mind, but not put me to sleep, and meditation fit the bill. It’s perfect, really.

Anyways. In the last three years I’ve grown a lot and have really learned tons about Buddhism. And one of the main things I’ve learned? Harsh judging of everything isn’t necessary. For every person, place, or thing there is, I can simply observe it and, maybe, learn.

The time and energy that I used to devote to passing harsh judgements and sustaining them, I can now use for other things. Like being. Which gets me back to meditation. During meditation, I can just be. I love that.

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