Day 8 of Wildmind’s 100 Day Meditation Challenge


100 Day Meditation Challenge

Our 100 Day Meditation challenge is going very well. It’s not possible to know how many people are joining in, but there are lots of people commenting in our Community, where the idea originated, and lesser numbers posting on Facebook and on our blog.

I thought this might be a good time to mention some of the resources that we have available on this site for learning meditation. The following list is copied from our home page.

Generally I suggest that people establish a good basis of mindfulness of breathing and of lovingkindness meditation as the core of their sitting practice — using the principles of good posture as articulated in our posture workshop.

Walking meditation helps us take our practice more into the world.

Mantra meditation can be both a sitting practice and something we can do during other activities.

The six element practice is a good way to dip into insight meditation. It’s probably not best done daily, except perhaps on retreat.

postureOur posture workshop is where we suggest you start if you don’t already have a meditation practice (and perhaps even if you do). We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of setting up a meditation posture that will allow you to be both alert and relaxed. Learn more »

mindfulness of breathingThe mindfulness of breathing is a fundamental meditation practice that everyone should know. The benefits? You’ll find that this practice helps you to calm your mind so that there’s less inner chatter (especially the stuff that makes you unhappy). You’ll find also that you’re less distractible and better able to pay attention. Learn more »

metta bhavanaThe development of lovingkindness (metta bhavana) works directly on our emotional habits, helping us to become more emotionally positive. You’ll learn to be kinder to yourself: more patient, more understanding. You’ll find that you’re more considerate to others and that it’s easier to forgive. You may even find (as others have) that others around you mysteriously become easier to be around. Hmmm.. wonder why that is? Learn more »

walking meditationWalking meditation is a great way to bring more meditation into your daily life; it’s a practice that can be done even in a busy city street. In this form of practice we develop greater mindfulness of the body, but we also become more aware of our thought patterns, our emotions, and even of the outside world. It’s a calming practice. Walking meditation can also be a lovingkindness practice, especially when you’re walking in a public place. Learn more »

mantra meditationOur mantra meditation section is the most popular destination for our visitors. Mantras are simply phrases that we repeat (usually internally, but they can also be chanted out loud). As well as occupying the mind and thus calming it by preventing it from getting up to the usual mischief that causes us pain, mantras also have a symbolic value that evokes spiritual qualities. Learn more »

six element meditationThe six element practice is a profound reflection on interconnectedness and impermanence. It’s a very beautiful form of meditation. It not only helps us to calm the mind and give us a reassuring sense of our place in the great scheme of things, but it can be unsettling and challenging as well. Yes, I know. Reassuring and unsettling. That’s Buddhist practice for you! Learn more »

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  • Hi, Bodhipaksa. Reporting in from British Britain. Day 8 completed.
    I’m alternating Mindfulness and Metta, which I think is an idea I picked up from this website. Am I right that’s what you recommend?
    Starting to get into the rhythm of it. Too early to comment on the effects!

  • Day 8/100 done for 20 min.
    My posture is doing much better since I got a meditation cushion set. Occasionally my knees or ankles will get sore, but through stretching and being more active that is lessoning. I’ve been focusing on mindfulness of breathing in my meditation which is about all I can handle at this point.
    I will add more lovingkindness as well I just need to read over some more so I can remember what I am focusing on during my cushion time.
    At this point I’m just excited and feeling accomplished that I’ve managed to meditate every day for 8 days for a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes (according to the Insight Timer app).

  • Amaranta Arcadia
    January 8, 2013 9:37 am

    Day 8: after 3 days of meditation in pain, today was my first meditation free of pain and I was a little tired, but I did it for 35 minutes and felt sensations of tranquility and a peaceful mind to beginning my day. I think it’s better for me to meditate in the morning because if i meditate at night I usually end up sleeping.

  • The last couple of days I’ve been occupied with thinking for most of the time during my meditation sittings. But there were moments when I was aware of this, and I returned to the breath, and the question “what is happening now?”. There was a day or two during the last 8 days that I would have just skipped meditating, but I remembered the Challenge, and went ahead and sat on the cushion. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been sharing this Challenge with my meditation group, too.

  • I’m entering a really busy work period but am finding I’m using my time much more effectively and am staying far calmer than usual. I just need to cut out the caffeinated coffee as it makes getting into that lovely calm headspace while meditating so much harder!

    Just got home so have the house to myself for a little while so going to do a bit more of the six elements. It’s not for the everyday as you said, but it’s fascinating!

  • 8/100 I did 30 minutes today. Last night I did the metta bhavana guided by the CD “Guided Meditations For Calmness, Awareness and Love” led by Bodhipaksa. It is a wonderful CD. I recommend it as well as the wildmind website.

  • @Heather
    Re: really busy period .. using time more effectively… staying calmer.
    Ditto, ditto and DITTO. When meditating regularly, I find I have an underlying sense of “the OK-ness of Everything” (best I can express it) which means that various pressures don’t become stresses – they’re just things that need doing quickly which have important consequences… and that’s OK.

  • 8/100 really just wanted to express gratitude for the inspiration. It has given my practice a much needed and welcome boost.

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  • Wonderful information! Thanks for sharing this. In meditation you have to learn techniques like for breathing. It is important that you know how to properly do exercises for you to achieve your goals.


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