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sitting with bodhi

Sometimes our inspiration dries up and we find ourselves going through the motions. We might even stop meditating regularly. And sometimes we listen to a guided meditation, online or at a retreat or workshop, and it feels like new life has been breathed into our practice. But then after a while things go back to normal again.

So here’s a new thing I’m doing that can help you sustain your inspiration: offering a new 10-minute guided meditation every day.

Last year I piloted this project with a meditation app start-up company, offering a daily 10-minute meditation, with the aim of providing spiritual nourishment to people who’ve been meditating for a while. Here are some of the comments people made:

  • This was awesome. I could not only quiet my mind, focusing on the skin, but the sensations of my circulatory system at work as well. The heart beat, but also sensing arteries at work through the skin. This has been unique. Thank you Bodhi!
  • The introduction to this meditation was a masterpiece!
  • Sitting with Bodhi feels like “I am sitting with Bodhi.” It’s intimate, and primes the pump just enough for me to then “riff” off of the theme or tone Bodhi sets. I have a little digital timer that I start for 25m when I start the session. This has worked well for me…
  • This was my first meditation with Sitting With Bodhi and it’s my new favorite. The imagery resonated immediately and the timing was perfect. Beautifully done! I meditated for 30 minutes but then just continued after the bell for some time.
  • Your tone of voice always calms my mind, Bodhi. I do struggle to stay focused throughout intros at times but with these meditations as it is something new every time I seem to be staying much calmer and focused. Maybe the trick is because it is a different topic each day.
  • I really enjoy and value the daily feed of meditation guidance. It’s helping me progress.

These short meditations don’t have an “end.” They simply introduce an approach to meditating and then leave you to sit for as long as you like. So you can set a timer for anywhere from 12 minutes (the minimum recommended) to 20, 30, 40 minutes — however long you want. These introductions give the raft of your practice a little “shove” into the river to get you started.

Sitting With Bodhi is a great way of learning new skills and of nourishing your practice. The first month-long series introduces highly effective ways to help you slow down your thoughts, calm the mind, and create a sanctuary of peace in the midst of your busy life.

There are two options for Sitting With Bodhi. You can opt simply to stream the guided meditations, or you can have both streaming meditations and a daily download. You can see more details and sign up below!

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