Free Bodhi!

Buddha Meditation mit WasserspiegelungOur Indiegogo campaign, Free Bodhi, is going well. We’ve raised over $13,000 of our $22,000 target, with six days to go.

Why are we raising funds?

Wildmind is raising seed-funding for a business manager post so that Bodhipaksa (a.k.a. Bodhi, a.k.a. Mr. B.) can be freed up from admin and spend more time teaching and writing.

One of the first fruits of the Free Bodhi project is Wildmind’s Year of Going Deeper which is a year-long program of free meditation events, spanning the whole of 2014.

What’s in it for you?

  • On the most basic level, we’re giving away great perks to our donors. For example a donation of $15 will get you $25-worth of Bodhipaksa’s meditation MPs (which people rave about, incidentally!).
  • Then you’ll benefit from the materials Bodhipaksa is putting together for the Year of Going Deeper (something Bodhi just can’t do without admin support), as well as the blog posts and the guided meditations that he posts on our Youtube channel.
  • And those materials will benefit tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people. This is no exaggeration. Our two most popular articles have each been read by more than 200,000 people, and our site overall gets more than 1.5 million visitors a year. You can feel fantastic about helping this to happen.
  • Finally, giving just feels good. Thinking about giving can be uncomfortable with all that “Will I / won’t I?” mental tussling. But once you decide to give, you feel great. In fact, research shows that people feel better after giving than they do when they spend money on themselves. Sometimes that thing you think you don’t want to do? It’s the thing that brings you the most joy.

So click here to contribute to our Free Bodhi Indiegogo campaign.

In the video below, Caroline, a teacher and meditator from Pennsylvania, explains how Wildmind has benefited her, and why you should help Free Bodhi. She also explains that we’re offering fantastic perks for donors.

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