Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing

BodhipaksaThis is a guided meditation that I led this week in a Google+ Hangout (that’s a form of videoconferencing, if you’re not familiar with it) with some meditation students.

After 100 Days of Lovingkindness practice I felt the need to get back to exploring mindfulness of the breathing again.

The sound quality’s not perfect and the video is — well, there’s no video. Due to a technical problem of some sort the video stopped being recorded a few minutes into the Hangout, so I just took it out altogether.

Still, I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from the talk and the practice.

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What a lovely experience! Thank you.


Dear Bodhipaksa,

I am still a bit confused about the meditation process on love and kindness, emptiness, etc.

So at what point does one start contemplating about it? What I mean is do I start contemplating love and kindness as I start the meditation session, or do I wait until I reach a deeper stage of concentration and then start with the love and kindness contemplation?


I’d suggest just following some guided meditations, Sam. We don’t really contemplate kindness but rather cultivate it in a variety of ways. And the cultivating of kindness can start from the moment you sit down. Simply checking that you’re sitting in a comfortable, upright posture can be an act of self-kindness.


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