Hit the ground sitting! Day 7 of our 100 Day Meditation Challenge


timer appBrendan Lawlor, who’s participating in the 100 Day challenge over on Our Google+ Community, wrote:

I see that the Wildmind blog on the 100 day challenge is concentrating on reminders and other tricks for establishing a practice. So I wanted to suggest to +Bodhipaksa Dharmacari that some meditation timers for smartphones include widgets that give you immediate feedback on your state of play, so to speak. I’m including a partial screenshot of my device to give you an idea.

The upper number gives the current number of consecutive days. The lower number is your personal best. The bar on the right is fills up (with blue) according to how much of your daily minimum you have done so far.

So every time you look at your phone, you get a reminder, or an affirmation.

The particular app pictured, Meditation Helper, is available for Android and is soon to appear on the iPhone.

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  • Best wishes to everyone who is on this journey towards establishing meditation as an essential part of their lives. I have been performing meditation, hatha yoga and yoga nidra every day for the last 4 years and this has completely transformed my life mentally and physically. I personally do not use any of the phone or computer driven applications but if those help you to establish the habit that is excellent. Good luck to you all and thank you to Bodhipaksa and the other staff at Wildmind, I never miss a posting. Keep up the excellent work.

  • 7/100 I meditated for 30 minutes this morning. I have been meditating once or twice a day for several months now. If meditation is changing me, it is doing so gradually. One change I do notice is that I have been making better use of my time overall. Also, my mood is more cheerful.

  • Well, don’t all talk at once!

    Looks like technology is a bit of a conversation stopper.

    Personally I’m getting to grips with Insight Timer, acquired for the purpose of tracking my 100 days on this challenge. It doesn’t have a widget (whatever one of those is) but it does have a statistics option which shows how many sessions and how many days (among various other stats). And these are currently showing 7 and 7. Yay, team!

    It also dings some nice bells to encourage me along the way while I’m sitting. So it seems to do the job OK.

    I’ve also heard of one called “Equanimity”. Does anyone use that? Would you recommend it?

  • Day 7/100 20 min completed this morning.

    I have also downloaded the Insight Timer and like that it shows stats. Another neat part is the community section. You can see other people meditating at the same time around the world if you have enabled the internet connect part of the timer. After meditating I have gotten Short “Thanks for meditating with me” messages a few times.

  • https://journeyviamediation.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/day-7-of-100-2013-and-more/

    Will there be badges when this finished for those who completed it or have tried?

  • How about a T-shirt with a Fake Buddha Quote? ;-)

    “96 out of a hundred ain’t bad” ~ The Buddha

    Customisable, obviously.


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