Introducing “More Than Sound”

We’re delighted to announce that through a partnership with More Than Sound, an independent production and publishing company, we now have some excellent new audio digital downloads in our online store.

More Than Sound aims to benefit the world by making available audio programs on Emotional Intelligence, leadership, and meditation and mindfulness, and they have excellent materials presented by world-class authorities, such as Dan Goleman, Daniel Siegel, Naomi Wolf, Richard Davidson, and even George Lucas.

More Than Sound is the brainchild of Hanuman Goleman, who developed and participated in The Wisdom Preservation Project, recording interviews with Buddhist masters in Myanmar, and who started the company after getting his M.A. in Media Arts from Emerson College.

Here are some of the titles we have available:

Better Parents, Better Spouses, Better People, Dan Siegel & Daniel Goleman

Daniel J. Siegel and Daniel Goleman explain how we can free ourselves from the hold of our past to create richer, more balanced relationships.

  • Understand how our parents’ behavior impacts our mental, neural, and social development.
  • Learn how self-reflection and awareness transform our relationships with our children, spouses, and selves.
  • Discover how emotional habits can change at any age.

In this insightful exploration, Siegel and Goleman explain how our relationships shape our emotional habits – and the brain itself. The neural patterns formed in childhood have immense importance in our lives as parents, lovers, and people. Awareness, however, can help rewire the brain and help us create healthier relationships.

Digital Download (56.5 MB)

Knowing Our Emotions, Improving Our World, by Daniel Goleman and Paul Ekman

Dan Goleman and Paul Ekman discuss the fascinating science of Social Intelligence, and how we can use it to harness our emotions.

  • All emotions, including hidden ones, have their own distinct facial marker
  • With practice we can discern other’s truthfulness and intent
  • We can free ourselves from the grip of regrettable emotional episodes

Research into facial expression and emotion reveals two startling facts: people cannot conceal their emotions, nor can they fabricate genuine emotions. Minute facial movements and gestures reveal true feelings and intent – regardless of efforts to conceal them. Learning the connection between the face and the emotions can better our lives by giving us the ability to recognize our own emotions before they overwhelm our better judgment.

Digital Download (58 MB)

Training the Brain: Cultivating Emotional Skills, by Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson

In this accessible dialogue, Dan Goleman and Richard Davidson explain the science behind our emotions.

  • Understand the brain systems involved in: self-awareness, motivation, and emotional recovery
  • How childhood experience directs gene expression and neural development
  • How the brain can be trained for a happier, less stressful life

Detailing the neurological effects of contemplation, Goleman and Davidson show how we can activate our brains to recover from stress and anxiety, and conquer fear. Goleman and Davidson offer a new vision for emotional education at any age.

Digital Download (55 MB)

To see a full list of More Than Sound titles, visit our online store.

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