Just Being, Just Sitting (July 1–28)

yogd2015-jjustsittingJust Sitting is a form of meditation in which we simply allow the mind to settle itself. It is a practice of non-doing. As we sit, we allow thoughts to pass through the mind unobstructedly — and without getting caught up in their storylines. In time the mind stills, and a state of pure, effortless awareness emerges.

In this 28 day event you’ll learn to:

  • Sit without judgement
  • Allow thoughts and feelings to arise and pass without obstruction
  • Rest in an open and expansive state of awareness
  • Enter an effortless state of meditation
  • Recognize that it is not “you” who meditates, and allow your meditation to unfold spontaneously, from within

This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

Join us in Just Being! Register today!

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  • Javier Capistrán
    June 30, 2015 5:12 pm

    Dear Mark Tillotson,

    I sent a donation, but I did not find hoe to subscribe to “Just Being, Just Sitting (July 1–28)”.

    Please let me know what to do to be subscribed.

    Kindly Regards,

    Javier Capistrán

  • Hi,
    I donated at the beginning of the week but never heard anything since. I phoned Wildmind at the toll free number yesterday…but never got a call or message back. I also just left an email to Mark.
    So here we are, July 1st. Has the course started? Will I ever know?

    I would appreciate knowing if something is going on. If I am at all registered and if I will receive the course?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Have you checked your email spam folder, Jacques? Usually when people say they haven’t heard from Mark they’ve either received the registration link but didn’t read it, or the email skipped the in box. Anyway, I’ll ask Mark to look into this and get in touch with you.


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