Keep on keeping on!

You might have heard of community-supported agriculture, where people buy a share of the farm’s output, which is delivered to them as the crops become ready.

Wildmind is doing something similar, and is in the process of becoming a Community-Supported Meditation Initiative.

By supporting us, which you can do for as little as $8 a month, you’ll have access to:

  • All of my existing meditation courses at no extra charge
  • Access to all new meditation courses that I run through Wildmind.
  • An online community
  • A monthly newsletter with meditation downloads, and articles that are only for sponsors.

This will give Wildmind the financial stability to be able to focus on teaching meditation, rather than on trying to stay afloat. Already this has made a big difference. Much of the anxiety of the last few years—will there be enough in the bank to cover our bills?—is beginning to evaporate.

In the future, membership of the community will be the ONLY way to participate in new courses I develop. Once the remaining shares in our initiative have been sponsored this opportunity may not come again for a while, so I’d suggest acting now.

You can choose any number of shares to sponsor. The average person has sponsored a little over two shares. There are no extra benefits (besides good karma) for sponsoring more shares, but that’s an option open to you if you want to show extra appreciation and if you can afford it. I’d certainly be very grateful if you sponsor more than one share.


Click here to subscribe to the meditation initiative.

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